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Things to know about today’s SEO

In simple words, SEO can be called as the technique to optimize the search engine in order to speed the website traffic and the ranking position of the certain website. Even though SEO is not something anymore to hear by many people, there are some things each of you needs to know about today’s SEO. Here, we are going to talk more about it and be ready for the big change in your business with the work of SEO. Visit seo-hero.blog to learn more about it.

1. On-site optimization

While search engine optimization is a popular term, a lot of people don’t know what on-site optimization means. Generally speaking, this is the process of making sure that your website achieves acceptance. To be able to achieve the acceptance, make sure you use the right keywords, key phrases, and tags on the pages of your website. Then, this will help Google specifies how to rank your site.

2. Off-site optimization

This can be called as the process of achieving a high rank for your site by using external methods. On the other words, the process, of course, is not done on your site as well as on-site optimization. For your additional information, when you have links to your site and use the popular blogs contribute to rank your website higher in Google.

3. White-hat SEO

When you deal with this type of SEO, you will apply for the different legal strategy and optimization techniques in order to drive better traffic to your site. Of course, the main goal is to be able to achieve the high rank on search engines. You will involve back linking, keyword analysis, and link building as the techniques of this SEO.

4. Black-hat SEO

Unlike white-hat SEO, this uses illegal techniques for high ranking. Keyword stuffing, the use of invisible text, and page swapping are some of the techniques of black-hat SEO.