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Superhero Movie in 2016

From 2015, we may be waiting for 2016 because there is a lot of great movies that we can watch and even some have pretty high expectations. Not only for a specific genre, but we can find the best films of the genre we like. One of the most popular genres is a superhero. Yes, transfer media from comics to movies is one of the company’s strategy for comics as they can get two benefits in one time. In addition to financial benefits, they can also get comic fans could give them unlimited profit. Like we are talking about in the first line, that many people are waiting for some movies in 2016. We can not say if the movie is the best superhero movies in 2016, but we can put it into that category. The first superhero movie is Deadpool best of 2016. Different from the other superheroes, Deadpool is not serious and even look silly with a style of speech and behavior, but in that way, Marvel Studios benefit greatly from this film. Besides Deadpool, we can also see Dr. Stranger and the X-Men which is separate from The Avengers superhero.

In 2016 we get 2 movie superhero of different production house with 2 groups. The first group is a group villain who caused havoc in the city. This group is called Suicide Squad consists of Joker, Harley Queen, Death Stroke, Katana, and others. A second group is a group of defenders of truth and they are in a quarrel because of the accusations of one of their enemies. This time, The Avenger is not in their own film but present in the sequel to Captain America: Civil War. In addition to the battle group, we also get a superhero battle that has many fans. Yes, it is Batman V Superman. Although at first many do not agree with Ben Affleck who plays Batman, but he could prove that he deserved it.