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Facts about your Medigap insurance

All of you may talk about Medicare supplement plans 2018 but don’t know well what’s happening in the insurance industry, right? This article will try to help you find out facts about Medigap insurance. In general, some call medicare supplement plan. However, it is okay because they have the same meaning and plan options.

1. A medigap policy is health insurance available on today’s insurance market to cover what you don’t get from your original medicare plan coverage.

2. To be fully insured, you may want to supplement your Medicare coverage with Medigap, which generally pays the deductible and co-payments Medicare part A and B don’t cover.

3. Medigap policy is different from medicare advantage plan, so you must be able to distinguish them before choosing of them to cover your health care costs.

4. Medicare supplement plan was sold after January 1, 2006, which means people can benefit from that policy some months after that date.